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Introduction to Viva


Introducing to Ancol

Ancol has been manufacturing leads for dogs since 1971.In that time, we have grown to understand what qualities your customers expect from their dog leads.

We have spent over three years researching and developing the new Viva extending lead, which we are sure you will agree is a fantastic product. Following extensive testing, we are proud for Viva to carry the Ancol name and compete with the top brands.

The range


The range

Small, Medium, Large - that's it, no more, no less! Viva offers customers a compact range of quality engineered leads, helping them to quickly make an informed decision as to which lead is best suited to their dog. Available in black, red, blue and raspberry.


Viva range sizes


Viva retractable tape lead


Rectractable tape lead

Viva offers a tape lead that measures 5 metres and in our opinion, this is long enough for general exercising and giving the dogs freedom to explore. The tape lead is lightweight but strong and has been tested to perform at much higher loads than recommended.

Rectractable tape lead: 1 Rectractable tape lead: 2
Brake controls


Thumb brake and release controls

Viva leads only have one button, making it very easy to use and reduces the amount of components that could fail. All you have to do is simply push down and forward to apply the brake and push down and back to release.

Brake controls: 2 Brake controls: 1
Comfort grip


Comfort grip

Performance is nothing without style and comfort for the owner. Viva leads are a joy to use, with a super soft grip as standard which feels great in the hand. The outer casing is manufactured using tough nylon which outperforms cheaper polypropylene cases.

Comfort grip: 1 Comfort grip: 2


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